About e4 BPO

About e4 BPO

e4 BPO is one of the country’s fastest growing business process outsourcing companies. With superior state-of-the-art technology and resources, e4 BPO is able to provide world-class outsourcing services such as Web Design and Development including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Technical Support,Online Marketing, Sales, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Assistant as well as Virtual Accounting and Bookkeeping just to name a few.

e4 BPO applies chess strategies in business especially in the fields of marketing, management and sales. This is the reason why it is able to position strategically in the BPO industry. The name e4 stands for the usual first move where the king’s pawn advances forward. It is often called “king’s pawn opening”. This move symbolizes aggressive and violent tactics verses slow maneuvering. Having such a foundation gave e4 BPO a sharp understanding of the business process outsourcing or BPO industry. This allowed e4 BPO to know and get hold of the innovations, trends and developments in this industry. Further, understanding the ever-changing needs of modern businesses, e4 BPO is able to provide efficient and effective high quality outsourcing services at cost-effective rates which increases the overall productivity of the client’s business.


For MTSI, we hired e4 BPO starting in 2009 and outsourced several parts of our business.  Through this method, we were able to cut our expenses by over 50% and increased our productivity by 80% for our 400+ clients.  On the technical support services side, we were able to increase the number of technicians qualified to support our software programs therefore increasing the response time to support our many clients who are all over the United States.  On the sales side, we were able to increase the number of leads generated for our growing business and provide more proposals for qualified prospects.  On the accounting side, all of our bookkeeping and client billing was done in a timely manner.  On the customer service side, our clients were handled promptly and efficiently.  For our website and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), e4 BPO has been doing a great job as our website is one of the nicest in our industry and our ranking continues to grow every month.  I would highly recommend e4 BPO for any business.

David Mak, CIO, MTSI, Chicago,IL, USA

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