Business Is Like Chess

Business Is Like Chess

I’m sure you have probably noticed the chess theme for this blog and probably wondered what that has to do with business process outsourcing and the call center industry.  One of my passions in life is business and marketing and if you are going to do either one, you must do a lot of strategy.  Chess is probably the ultimate game of strategy and therefore is very fitting in relation.  Even the name of our company has to do with this.  e4 (King’s Pawn Opening) is the usual first move in the game of chess and should be any businesses move when looking for a call center or outsourcing services.  It is white’s aggressive opening move and opens lines for the queen and king’s bishop and fights for control of the squares.  Openings with e4 tend to emphasize violent tactics over slow maneuvering.  Shouldn’t that be the same for your business strategy?  Hence the name of our company is e4 BPO.

I have always tried to apply chess principles and concepts to various aspects of business and my own personal life.  Thinking ahead and developing creative strategies is something that is synonymous in both business and in chess.  I would highly recommend that you learn to play chess if you don’t already know how because once you start playing you will see very quickly how you can apply the principles and concepts in chess and apply them to your business, and even in your personal life.

Here are a few impressive and interesting things about chess:

For a long time, chess was only played by nobility and therefore was called the “game of kings.”

Did you know there are more possible chess moves in a game than there are atom in the universe?  Did you know there are more possible chess moves in a game than the number of seconds that have passed since the universe was created?  To give you an idea on this, there are 10 to the 79th power of atoms in the universe and 10 to the 120th power of chess moves that are possible in a given game.  Wow!

Each player makes one move each and there are 400 different positions after that first move.  After the 2nd move each, there are 72,084 different positions.  After the 3rd move each, there are over 9 million positions.  After the 4th move each, there are over 288 billion different possible positions.  Wow again!

Talk about a game of strategy.  If you stop and think about it, your business is no different.  For every move you make there are thousands or millions of different possible positions for your competitors to take and even your customers on making decisions about purchasing your products or services.

Gary Kasparov is well known as the world’s greatest chess player and here is a quote from him:

“Ultimately, what separates a winner from a loser at the grandmaster level is the willingness to do the unthinkable. A brilliant strategy is, certainly, a matter of intelligence, but intelligence without audaciousness is not enough. Given the opportunity, I must have the guts to explode the game, to upend my opponent’s thinking and, in so doing, unnerve him. So it is in business: One does not succeed by sticking to convention. When your opponent can easily anticipate every move you make, your strategy deteriorates and becomes commoditized.”  ~ Garry Kasparov,, September 2004.

Again, it should be the same for your business, just like what Gary had to say.  If you want to increase your top line (growth) and your bottom line (profit), then you must use brilliant strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.

Choosing the right company to outsource critical business functions is essential and an important strategy for your business.  Things such as SEO – Search Engine Optimization, Website Design and Development, Marketing Services, article writing, press releases, blog writing, white papers, email campaigns, drip email campaigns, Sales Services, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, up selling, upsell, up-sell, cross-sell, telesales, sales leads, Outbound Telemarketing, Customer Service, Customer Retention, Customer Care, Customer Acquisition, Customer Relationship Management, Contact Management, Inbound Calls, Technical Support, Software Support, Hardware Support, Administration, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Secretary, Virtual Bookkeeping, Virtual Accounting, and Customer Billing.  These are some of the areas where e4 BPO can help your business grow beyond your wildest imagination.  So contact us today to start your strategy!

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