e4 BPO - What does e4 mean?

e4 BPO – What does e4 mean?

One question I get asked a lot is what does the e4 of e4 BPO stand for?  Most people understand we do Business Process Outsourcing from the BPO portion of our company name.  But the e4 part is what throws some people wondering what it is and why we chose it for our company name.

I did have one guy who asked “If the e stands for internet, what does the 4 stand for?”  Another guy asked “Do you only work with military folks and is the e4 related to the rank in the military.”  In both cases, both guys were way off target on what the e4 of e4 BPO really stands for.

First of all, if you look at the logo itself, you will notice behind the e4 is a black and white checker board.  And if you look at the “O” in BPO, you will notice that there is a pawn chess piece instead of the normal circle that would fill the “O.”  And before you ask, no we don’t do business process outsourcing for only chess companies.

However, what we do with business process outsourcing can be related to chess.  If you take a look at the tagline of our company, you will note that it says “Your strategic move for business leverage.”  This is something we take very seriously here at e4 BPO, ensuring that our strategy helps our clients obtain greater profits, reduce costs and increase productivity.

e4 BPO stratagies for business

e4 BPO stratagies for business

The first moves of a chess game are termed the “opening” or “opening moves.”  A good opening will provide better protection of the King, control over an area of the board (particularly the center), greater mobility for pieces, and possibly opportunities to capture opposing pawns and pieces.  e4 is actually a chess opening move, sometimes called “The king’s pawn opening.”  This is where our company name comes from.

It is white’s aggressive opening move which opens lines for the queen and king’s bishop and fights for control of the squares.  e4 is the most traditional of White’s first moves, is popular at all levels of the game and is the favored opening move of world champions Bobby Fischer and Anatoly Karpov, Fischer calling it ‘best by test‘.  Openings with e4 tend to emphasize violent tactics over slow maneuvering.  At this point Black must decide how to face White’s aggression.

But what does that have to do with business process outsourcing?  EVERYTHING!  I have personally visited many BPO offices, and one thing that seems to be lacking is strategy.  Here at e4 BPO, we take a vested interest in our client’s businesses.  We look at the big picture for our clients, not just individual projects.

Think of it this way.  You own a business.  If you are the CEO/President of the company, you are the “king” in the game of chess.  If you have a co-owner or stock holders, they would be the “queen.”  Your managers are the bishops, knights and rooks.  Your employees are the pawns.  Don’t get offended if you are a pawn, as all pieces in chess are very important to winning the game.  Therefore, your company is all the chess pieces on your side of the board.

Your competitors for your business in real life can be related to the opposing side in the game of chess.  So, if for example you are the white pieces, then your competitor is the black pieces which represents your competitor’s company.  Each of you have a game to play and the company with the best overall strategy will ultimately win.

This is why e4 BPO believes we are a cut above and beyond our competitors in the BPO market.  We take the time to get to know each of our clients and what their needs are.  We also study your competitors as well, so that we know what their tactics might be in order to develop a proper strategy.

The possible opening moves of chess have been extensively studied for hundreds of years, and many of these sequences have been given names to simplify discussion of a game.   The same can be said for e4 BPO as we have extensively studied all aspects of each area we assist our clients in outsourcing.

In all openings of chess there is a struggle for key territory, in particular the center squares (your market and your customers), and an effort to deploy pieces and pawns in useful positions.  Some are direct, while others are more subtle and indirect approaches toward these goals.  At e4 BPO, we use many different strategies to assist our clients in meeting their overall goals.

White (your company) can start by moving its King’s pawn 2 spaces, i.e. playing “e4.”  This move has many strengths – it immediately works on controlling the center, and it frees two pieces (the Queen and a Bishop).  Just like in chess, your first move is critical in any area.  We understand this and that is why we are here to help.

The great chess player Mikhail Botvinnik put it this way, “Every great master will find it useful to have his own theory on the openings, which only he himself knows, a theory which is closely linked with plans for the middle game.”  Here at e4 BPO, we help our clients gain control of the center of their board being their market, and create strategies to beat out your competitors.

From a statistics standpoint, leading with the e4 opening move in chess results in White winning 39% of the time, draw 29% and black 32%.  So as you can see from chess, e4 gives you a higher chance of actually winning.  In real life, e4 BPO should be your first move when choosing a company for business process outsourcing, thereby also giving you the best advantage for winning.

Contact us at e4 BPO today to learn more about how our business strategies can help your business win.

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