e4 BPO awarded top blog in BPO

e4 BPO awarded top blog in BPO

e4 BPO is proud to announce that we are now the top blog on Facebook and Networked Blogs for the BPO and Business Process Outsourcing industry.  Thanks to all of our current followers and future followers for making this blog a success.

Networked Blogs is an application on Facebook that offers Facebook users the ability to follow blogs on topics they like which are then updated to their wall.  Bloggers such as e4 BPO submit blog listings to Networked Blogs and then people can follow those blogs based upon the topics.

Through Networked Blogs, the user on Facebook can see the actual blog post without having to go out and visit the blog directly as it contains all the information from the original blog post.

In addition to Networked Blogs and Facebook, e4 BPO has received a large number of followings to this blog directly as well.  We appreciate your support and we look forward to interacting with you through this blog and through our various social networking sites.

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