e4 BPO Frequently Asked Questions

e4 BPO Frequently Asked Questions

e4 BPO applies chess strategies in business especially in the fields of marketing, management and sales. This is the reason why it is able to position strategically in the BPO industry. The name e4 stands for the usual first move where the king’s pawn advances forward. It is often called “king’s pawn opening”. This move symbolizes aggressive, violent tactics and slow maneuvering. Having such a foundation gave e4 BPO a sharp understanding of the business process outsourcing or BPO industry. This allowed e4 BPO to know and get hold of the innovations, trends and developments in this industry. Further, understanding the ever-changing needs of modern businesses, e4 BPO is able to provide efficient and effective high quality outsourcing services at cost-effective rates which increases the overall productivity of the client’s business.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company which another company outsources its services especially inbound and outbound calls. The call center handles all the inbound and outbound calls of the client company, its staff are trained according to the standards and processes of the client company in order for them to work in conformity to the client company’s standards.

A call center takes advantage of modern Information Technology (IT) infrastructure including state-of-the-art communications systems, hi-speed broadband internet connection, VoIP technology and many more. This enables a call center to provide high quality outsourcing services.

What does e4 mean?

e4 is a traditional aggressive first move in the game of chess. It is where the white player advances his king’s pawn two squares forward to give opening for the queen and the king’s bishop to take control over the squares. This is brilliant chess strategy. Because e4 BPO applies chess strategies in its business management, sales and marketing, it got its name from this move.

What is a BPO or Business Process Outsourcing?

BPO stands for business process outsourcing. It is where a company contracts a BPO company and outsources its activities to that BPO company. By doing so, the BPO company, which is a 3rd party company, does the operations, activities, along with other business processes and functions for the client company which hired it.

BPO companies usually handle inbound and outbound calls which is why the best example of a BPO company is a call center. There are also offshore and nearshore BPO companies. BPO that is contracted outside a company’s country is called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a company’s neighboring (or nearby) country is called nearshore outsourcing.

Why choose e4 BPO?

e4 BPO is unique in this industry. Our team members are highly trained to meet the international standards of business process outsourcing. Majority of them are call center veterans and have longs years of experience from different BPO companies. Incorporating their experiences enabled e4 BPO to move ahead of other outsourcing companies. On top of that, e4 BPO takes advantage of its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, superior ERP accounting software solutions, innovative technology and skills its highly competent staff. e4 BPO’s pioneers are mostly consultants and experts in different fields with various certifications from different companies.

What are call center services?

Call center services is basically hiring a BPO company, a call center be specific, to outsource and handle the company’s inbound or outbound calls or both. Hiring a call center to outsource inbound and outbound calls is less expensive compared to hiring employees to work internally for the company.

What is a virtual assistant (VA) or a virtual secretary (VS)?

A Virtual Assistant, formerly known as Virtual Secretary (also referred to as Virtual Office Manager or Virtual Executive Assistant) performs administrative services to clients. This is an outsourced service provided to busy executives and professionals whereby the virtual assistant performs all the duties of a real secretary including answering calls, replying to contacts, keeping track of meeting schedules and many more. Hiring or outsourcing a virtual assistant takes away all your obligations as an employer including taxes, payroll, insurance and more because the virtual assistant is employed under the BPO company. Having a virtual assistant allows busy executives to save thousands of dollars per year.

Why outsource? What are the Advantages and benefit of outsourcing services?

To make it plain and simple, the following are the reasons why choose to outsource:

  1.  Outsourcing allows a company to SAVE a lot! Outsourcing is a very cost-effective service.
  2. Takes away majority of your obligations as an employer – Because you hire a BPO company and outsource your operations, it is the BPO company’s responsibility to pay their employees and handle their employer’s obligations including tax, insurance, payroll and many more. As the client, you only pay a certain amount to the BPO company regularly according to your contract.
  3. Commit more time to your business – because you no longer have to do majority of all operations, you can now work on other aspects of your business. This gives you more time to concentrate on other important activities.
  4. Obtain specialized services and resources – BPO companies constantly strive to look for more ways to better serve their clients. This includes upgrading their technological resources and conducting extensive trainings to their personnel which enables them to continue providing world-class quality services.
  5. Fast customer service and reliable tech support – Because the only job of the employees in a BPO company is to purely handle the clients’ concerns, they are able to focus on specific tasks which makes them their work more fast, efficient and effective.
  6. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty – Achieving fast, effective and efficient customer services and tech support makes the client’s customers happy and satisfied. As a result, the client company continues to hire a BPO company and even endorses it to other companies so that they too can outsource their business processes. This also builds credibility to the company.
  7. Time Zone Advantage – For a US company to outsource its processes in Asia, especially in the Philippines, it means that the US night time is Philippines’ day time and US day time is Philippines’ nigh time. For a US company to outsource in the Philippines, they can continue working with their operations even after their employees go home from the office. This enables them to work with the projects and other activities faster; therefore, giving them competitive advantage. It is basically working 24 hours around the clock but with other people finishing the job. In other words, it is leveraging through time.
  8. Help other countries’ economy – by outsourcing your business processes, you are helping other countries’ economy to develop simply because BPO companies on those countries are providing jobs to the people. This is one of the best ways to help underdeveloped countries to grow and progress.

Does outsourcing take away American jobs?

Not exactly and it depends on how you see it. It is true that American companies truly benefit when they outsource because they significantly cut down their costs which make them more productive. If you look at this scenario from a macro-economic standpoint, you know that it is the businesses and large corporations that are providing jobs to Americans. If these American companies are able to cut down costs and generate more revenue, they will be able to survive the volatile economic changes and continue to grow and provide jobs to more Americans in the long term.

How can a call center help my business?

First of all, a call center can streamline your operations, increase efficiency and develop customer relationship. Call centers don’t just handle calls, they answer inquiries through email, SMS, chat and many other methods. They provide leads, transact orders, transfer accounts and many more. Call centers also help your business minimize costs.

Is English a problem for a call center or BPO in another country?

The answer is subjective and it will actually depend on which country a BPO company is situated. Among the many countries known for outsourcing services, Philippines is the best in Asia and has actually beaten India in the BPO industry.

Why the Philippines for a call center?

Philippines is known as one of the best English speaking countries whose native language is not English. This is because Philippine history and culture are greatly influenced by the United States and English language is a compulsory subject in Filipino schools and is taught to students from the day first enter school. This is one of the primary reasons why Filipinos speak good English. In terms of work-orientation, Filipinos are hard-working people, they are work-oriented and perform their job outstandingly.

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