Outsourcing Customer Service

Outsourcing Customer Service

More and more companies these days are turning to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies to handle customer service calls.  A BPO is basically a call center that has hundreds or thousands of employees that can easily handle these tasks at a much reduced cost and are typically located overseas.

If you have ever needed to call customer service for the major computer companies like Dell, HP, Linksys, Cisco, Trend Micro, etc. you more than likely were talking to a customer service representative at a call center (BPO) that was contracted by one of these major computer companies.  But with the poor economy and recession these days, even smaller companies have turned to outsourcing to keep their business profitable.

Customer service can take on many forms and as I discussed in my previous post, it is not the same as salesCustomer service can be things such as customer retention, customer care, customer acquisition, customer relationship management, contact management and client relations.

Although you might have customers right now, it is very important that you retain those customers and not lose them to your competition.  Therefore customer retention is a very important aspect of customer service.  Our customer service team at e4 BPO specializes in all aspects of customer service.  We contact your customers to take surveys or to simply ask how things are going so that they feel the “warm fuzzy feeling” of hearing from your company on a regular basis.  This helps to show your customers that you care and it helps to provide feedback to your company so you will know what areas you are doing well in and what areas you need to improve upon.  This is how e4 BPO can help in customer relations and through customer relationship management.

Not only can e4 BPO provide outbound phone services to contact your customers, we can also provide a hot line for customers to call when they have a issue with your company, your products or your services.  This can allow for quick resolutions to issues which can then be passed onto your company for quick and concise resolutions to your customers concerns, issues or problems.

Another facet of our customer service department is dedicated to customer acquisition which simply means basically acquiring new customers that the sales department can then sell to.  Some of our clients do both sides of this working on customer service and customer acquisitions which are then passed over to the sales department for actual selling.

The reason these are separate departments at e4 BPO is because the personality of a customer service representative is very different from that of a sales representative.  Customer service requires much more patience and is more low key.  Whereas sales is more geared toward a personality that is more talkative and outgoing.

Contact us at e4 BPO to learn more about our outsourcing customer service needs which will greatly benefit your company and help you to retain your customers and keep them happy for many years to come.

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