Outsourcing Marketing Services

Outsourcing Marketing Services

Marketing services can be a very big undertaking for most companies.  It requires a lot of research and development not to mention time and resources that many companies simply don’t have with current personnel at their company.  It is for this reason that many companies choose to outsource some of maybe all of their marketing requirements.  These can be things such as article writing, press releases, blog writing, white papers, email campaigns, drip email campaigns, etc.

Some people tend to confuse marketing with sales which is why many companies have a “sales and marketing” department, thinking they are the same.  This really isn’t true.  Yes marketing will help to increase sales, but marketing itself is really not sales in that sense of the word.  Marketing is what helps to drive people to your company either by phone or email and helps to grow your company.  It also provides the vision and projects the company image.  As you can see by those descriptions, that itself is not sales.

Unless your company is so unique that you are the only company that provides that product or service and people want or need that product or service, you must do marketing if you plan on attracting customers.

e4 BPO can assist your company with almost any marketing need that you have.  We have graphic designers on staff to create layouts, logos, images, pictures, etc.  We have article writers on staff to help create articles, press releases, blogs and white papers which can be used for your company brochures, corporate website and other marketing avenues.  We also have certified drip email campaign specialists on staff to create branded emails that can be sent to hundreds or thousands of potential customers and prospects.  This can greatly assist your company in generating more sales and increasing your profitability.

Having just a single marketing person on staff at your company could equal around $4000 per month in cost, and typically a marketing person cannot handle every facet on their own such as graphic design.  Imagine having a team of dedicated individuals to carry out all of these tasks for less than half of that cost.  Talk about major savings and getting more results at the same time.

At e4 BPO, we work directly with your company to understand exactly what marketing objectives you are trying to accomplish.  We keep in touch with you every step of the way.  We ensure we are all on the same page and we guarantee our services.

With the current situation with the economy, outsourcing certain aspects of your business just makes good fiscal sense.  And with e4 BPO’s experience and massive staff, we can fulfill all those needs at a much reduced cost as compared to other marketing companies or even having personnel on your staff.  And because we guarantee our results, you have nothing to lose.

Contact us today at e4 BPO to see how we can assist your company with all your marketing objectives through Outsourcing Marketing Services to help increase your top line (growth) and your bottom line (profit).

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