Outsourcing website design and development

Outsourcing website design and development

These days, if your company doesn’t have a website, you basically don’t have a business.  At least from a reputation standpoint.  It’s basically a status symbol for your company.  And in many cases it can either make y0u or break you.  It’s the same if you receive an email from one of the free emails services like yahoo, hotmail or gmail, you wouldn’t look at that as credibly as if it had a company website name as part of the email address.

But having a website alone, doesn’t improve your sales or your company profile.  There are lots of things to consider to have a good website for your company.  It should be easy to navigate.  It should have good content that explains your products or services.  It should be easy to read and follow.  It should have pictures.  It should have the right keywords so the search engines will point customers in your direction.  It should have the proper landing pages setup based on those keywords.

Let’s say your company sells screw drivers.  You can’t just create a website with a picture of a screw driver that has a caption of “Call us today for your screw driver needs” and then list your phone number.  That does sound like a silly example, but you would be surprised how many companies have something similar to that, or not much better than that.

You must also remember that there are certain things regarding the “code” of the website that really matter.  A lot!  In most websites this “code” is called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and needs that be formatted in the correct manner.  People who visit your website actually never see the “code” per se.  Yet it is still an important piece of puzzle that must be considered in website design and development.  There are lots of other “codes” that can be used besides HTML such as java script, ajax, joomla, flash, etc., which can help to enhance the end-user experience when they visit your website.

Here at e4 BPO, we offer website design and development at a tremendous cost savings as compared to other companies.  We have a team of certified developers who can take your current website to the next level or create a new website for your company from scratch.  We have thousands of pre-built templates to choose from based on industry or we can use your existing website and help improve it.  In addition to just the look and feel of your website, we can also take on the responsibilities of SEOSearch Engine Optimization to help propel your company to the top of the listings in the various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us at e4 BPO to assist your business with outsourcing website design and development.  No matter if you’re looking for a redesign of your website or just making improvements to the look and feel, e4 BPO can help.  We can even assist with e-commerce type websites that will allow your customers to place orders with your company right through your website.

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