The rates of our outsourcing services are very competitive. We are one of the very few in the BPO industry to offer you outsourcing services with very affordable rates which will enable you to save 50%-80% of the cost that you are currently spending for your operations. We guarantee that we provide high quality services that are worth the rates we offer.

Spending 50%-80% while but getting 100% or more productivity is definitely what any company aims to achieve. Read more to know why our clients prefer to outsource their services with us.

We accept both hourly (part-time and full-time) and flat rate contracts depending on the needs of your company.  All campaigns can be customized to fit your needs.  Simply contact us with what your needs are and we can customize any plan.  Below are a few rates to give you an idea of where things start.



General Tasks (Administrative & Personnel)

$4.95 per hr

SEO Service Plan

depends on the package

Website Maintenance & Administration

$5.95 per hr

Accounting & Finance Management Services

$6.25 per hr

CPA Services

$8.00 per hr

Marketing Services

$7.00 per hr

Telemarketing services

$6.00 per hr Outbound

Telemarketing services

$8.50 per hr Inbound (Toll-Free)

Telemarketing services

$6.00 per hr Inbound (Non Toll-Free)

* Flat rate services also available for part time and full time.

Other Services Available Upon Request

Contact Us Via Skype


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