Outsourcing Customer Service

Outsourcing Customer Service

A lot of companies nowadays hire and contract business process outsourcing (BPO) companies to manage their customer service. In many cases, they hire a call center with hundreds or even thousands of employees who are prepared to take on the customer service tasks.

Customer service can cover areas of customer care, customer acquisition, customer retention, contact management, customer relationship management (CRM) and client relations.

It is vital for you to maintain good and strong relationships with your customers or else your competitors will win them over. This is the importance of customer retention in customer service. Here in e4 BPO, our highly-trained personnel can efficiency handle all aspects of customer service. We make sure that you know the conditions and feedbacks of the customers. We do this by contacting your customers, talk to them, ask them for feedbacks and surveys in order for us to serve them better. This will make them feel that you truly care and you will determine what areas you need to improve. This is just few of the many ways e4 BPO can develop customer relations through customer relationship management.

Aside from outbound calls, e4 BPO also provides a hotline number where your customers can call whenever they have concerns with your products, services and your company. This enables fast resolution to problems which are passed onto your company for prompt and accurate resolution to your customers’ concerns.

e4 BPO also offers outsourcing customer service focused on customer acquisition. This department will only focus on acquiring new customers for your company. Some of our clients are working on both customer service and customer acquisitions, the output are then handed over to our sales department for them to sell.

In e4 BPO, our customer service and customer acquisition are handled in separate departments because a customer servicerepresentative has a different personality with a sales representative. As professionals in this industry, we know very well that a sales person must be good in talking and outspoken while a customer service representative has to have a patience and is more low key.

Contact us at e4 BPO to learn more about our outsourcing your customer service needs which will greatly benefit your company and help you to retain your customers and keep them happy for many years to come.

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