Outsourcing Marketing Services

Outsourcing Marketing Services

Marketing services is vital in any business and this has become a big challenge for many companies. Marketing involves a lot of intensive research in order for a company to stay on top of its competitors. This requires a lot of time and resources as well which is sometimes expensive. Modern marketing activities include press releasesblog writingarticle writingwhite papers,email marketingdrip marketing campaigns and many more. If you are experiencing difficulty in your marketing efforts, it is advisable to outsource your marketing services to a business process outsourcing company such as e4 BPO.

Marketing and sales are sometimes confused that is why some companies have sales and marketing department as one. This should not be the case because it can make their jobs less effective. Marketing is the brains of the business, it tells the sales teams where to sell. Marketing creates the demand and sales convert that demand into a sale. Unless your company is unique, with unique products and services and is the only one with those products and services then you need marketing if you intend to acquire more customers.

Here are at e4 BPO, we have a broad range of marketing services. We have professional digital graphic designers in our team that create layouts, logos, images, pictures and many more. We also provide you with professional article writers to write your press releases, blogs, articles and white papers which you can use for your company’s advertising materials, corporate website and other marketing materials. e4 BPO also specializes in internet marketing which includes drip marketing and email marketing with accurate tracking capabilities. This can also help you generate leads and gain exposure over a thousand prospects.

A typical company hires a single marketing person for around $4,000 a month. In most cases, he cannot cover all areas in marketing as this job is too broad. But what if you outsource your marketing services to an outsourcing company such as e4 BPO, all your areas in marketing are covered up through a dedicated team of professionals who only focus on accomplishing tasks for your marketing activities for only half the cost, do you perceive this as a brilliant alternative? Think about the cost savings you make while you get the timely results.

We at e4 BPO work hand in hand with your company to know what your marketing goals are, as much as possible we want to understand how you want it to be done so that we can perform the exceptionally to meet your standards. We work closely with you to ensure that we are on the same page as we move forward towards reaching our goals and we also guarantee our services.

Considering the economic trends nowadays, it is more practical to outsource marketing services to BPO companies such as e4 BPO. Our team has a long experience in the BPO industry, our services allows you to save half your marketing costs compared to hiring your own marketing staff or contracting to other marketing firms. Because we can guarantee your results, you have nothing to lose.

Contact us today at e4 BPO to see how we can assist your company with all your marketing objectives to help increase your top line (growth) and your bottom line (profit).

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